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3,7/ 5
It's a cool place and nice place to stay for holidays ✨️ also easy of transportation.
4,1/ 5
Spacious and clean room friendly receptionist during check-in and when leaving nice and tidy entry hall parking space was available there is a restaurant nearby the 3rd bed could be better (but the receptionist did his best. And we appreciate his effort) Not really close to public transportation
2,2/ 5
Unacceptable that I communicated to the hotel weeks before my arrival that my check in would be late - around 1:30am. I notified the hotel in advance, I wrote to the hotel to remind them two days in advance. First point: as a tourist, I wrote to the hotel in English. They answered me some messages in German - only for me to have the trouble of translating the message. Dear hotel, if I knew German I would have written in German - believe me. The instructions for late check in were that I had to go into reception and follow the instructions in the email. First flawed point: at no time was I told that the reception door at night was ANOTHER door, and not the main reception door. Finally, we found the correct door, entered the hotel. We went to the room and managed to open the room via email, automatically. However, no card was left in the room to turn on the light in the room. How is that possible???? Such a simple thing! We entered the room, but there was no way to turn on the light. Worse, we couldn't find the wifi password either. I went down to the reception, because the reception had a number to call in case of emergency. Again: zero empathy for the tourist who doesn't always have roaming. The hotel did not provide the wifi password at any time. Luckily I had a way to make the connection, but if I didn't have a way, if I depended on the hotel's wifi, I would be in trouble. I called the emergency number to request a card, so that I could place the card in the room so that the light would come on. The attendant on the emergency hotline had no idea what I was talking about. I didn't understand how I had managed to get into the room without the card. Even though I explained twice that it had been done automatically via an email sent by the hotel, a self check in app. Unacceptable, unbelievable. Bad experience. Luckily the reception door was open and I went to the counter to get a card that served me. But it made me feel extremely uncomfortable touching things that aren't mine and that in theory I shouldn't. But it was the only alternative that already at 2am. I recommend that the hotel give more precise instructions, that when a guest checks in late that you leave your card, wifi password and breakfast time inside the room. In addition, training for the person responsible for the supposed emergency hotline.


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