PLAZA INN Köln Pulheim
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50259 Pulheim

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4,1/ 5
Lovely hotel but much quieter than it was last year. It was a shame the bar and restaurant was closed.
4,3/ 5
Hotel has been taken over by the PLAZA INN group what changed overall service level vs. ASCARI before. I do realize finding staffing is never easy these days, but restaurant has been closed in meanwhile for many (!) months which did bring added value to the hotel before. Same goes to the bar which only opens 'ad random' when someone is available. When people in the bar are available they serve you however very friendly. Reception is trying to do their best to manage , but often with young and unexperienced people - when it goes wrong , it immediately becomes an issue with much longer waiting times at the reception as before. As bar is closed, and the only way to get drinks is out of a fridge in the reception area , I would urge the mngt of this hotel to maintain reasonable price setting on these. A water bottle of 8.5 Euro is in that sense not reasonable. Hotel has nice and clean rooms , with good functioning airco. A big plus of the hotel is the good breakfast in the morning. Even if the restaurant is closed , given the close proximity to the center of Pulheim , you'll have a multitude of good places where you can enjoy an evening dinner.
4,9/ 5
Just 1 day / night srayed in your beautiful hotel. Breakfast was excellent winth a lot of choices. Very friendly personal. Thank you so much.
3,5/ 5
I feel that overall the hotel was nice but e.g. missing things like a kettle in your room to make tea or coffee, or a usb socket to charge phones, these days things like that are just expected.
4,7/ 5
1 0,5 bottle of water every day